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rebel_paisley ([personal profile] rebel_paisley) wrote2012-01-16 06:35 pm

Jungle Fury redemption

Okay, so when I first started to get back into Power Rangers I sampled a couple episodes from the new seasons I wasn't familiar with. This included Jungle Fury.

Gotta say, wasn't very impressed. I couldn't stand it. It seemed excessively cheesy (even by Power Rangers standards), the villain didn't seem all that great and I found myself skipping over most of the episode to get to the "good" stuff.

After a few episodes I gave up and didn't think about it too much.

That is, until I caught the tail end of one of the episodes later in the series and...

Lets just say I'm willing to eat my words.

It's not the best season, but it's better than the awful I had condemned it to be. Sure, I still don't like their morphers, but their actual suits are pretty cool and I think Lilly's made it to my top three yellow rangers that are badass (because nothing screams awesome like a women with a mace).

Also, RJ's pretty funny.

So Jugle Fury, I give you back your honor. For now on, we're cool.